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How Is Cloud App Development Beneficial for Mobile App Development?

More and more companies are shifting to cloud computing, attracted by the many benefits this new technology has to offer. Cloud computing provides all the services a company, or a private individual might need—from servers and data storage to networking, software, and analytics.

Mobile app developers are a bit late to the party as it took them a while to understand how they can leverage the benefits of cloud computing to their advantage.

If you’re still considering whether you should move your app development to cloud computing, here are the main benefits of taking this big step forward.

Cloud App Development – Accessibility

When you’re using cloud computing, your developers have easy access to the servers and can do their share of work wherever they are. All they need is a smartphone and high-speed Internet. Employees can use them to access files remotely, and they have the certainty that the information they upload will be kept confidential.

If you are collaborating with a team from another company, cloud computing is the way to go. You don’t have to actually share any sensitive information with them, but they can use it through the cloud.

Cloud App Development – Compatibility

The number one challenge app developers are faced with is that their product should be compatible across the various operating systems their future clients use. By using cloud computing, developers can create apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android systems.

Releasing the app for the various platforms is also made easier by cloud computing technology. Since all the software is stored in the cloud, developers have easy access to it when it comes to fixing bugs.

Cloud App Development – Speed

In this line of business, time is of the essence. If you want to stay ahead, you need to have your app on the market faster than your competitors. If you do things the traditional way, that takes a lot of time. Time that you may not have.

Yet, if you switch to cloud computing your workload will be lighter as this technology already offers you perfect integration and security for your data. So you won’t have to bother with those.

Also, cloud computing provides many pre-packaged functions and APIs. Your development team will be free to focus on what truly matters, the app itself. This greatly reduces the time needed to have it ready to launch.

Cloud App Development – Installation-Free

Cloud-based apps offer users a more satisfying experience and save them a lot of hassle. With traditional apps, you have to download an app and install it on your mobile device. With cloud-based apps, you don’t need to do this anymore. You can access and use the app on the cloud.

Also, the end-user no longer has to bother with checking for updates and waste more time installing them. Whatever updates you release, they will be there anytime the user accesses the app on the cloud.

They might not even notice you made an update. All that matters to them is that the app works and gives them what they want.

Cloud App Development – Scalability

When you release a new app, you need to think of the future. If you want to improve on the app after it has already been dispatched, cloud computing is the perfect solution.

You don’t have to worry about storage capacity, as the cloud has plenty of that. At the same time, users’ experience will suffer no disruptions while you tweak your app.

Cloud App Development – Data Recovery

Nobody likes to think about that, but you need to consider the possibility of a hacker attack or a malfunction that could wipe out all your data. And then what? As a mobile developer, losing all your data would be a major disaster.

Cloud computing prevents such a disaster since all your data is safely stored not on one, but across multiple servers. Also, with cloud computing technology there are regular backups, and recovering your data will take less time than when you use traditional app development.

Need one more reason to move to cloud app development? It’s definitely less expensive than doing it the traditional way.

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