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What Is Dart

What Is Dart

We’re not talking about the game of darts here! Instead, we’re talking about a programming language developed by Google engineers for building apps across platforms. Read on to learn more about Dart, the language that powers Flutter, one of the most popular software development kits around.

What is Dart – Programing Language

what-is-dart-programming-languageDart is an object-oriented, client-optimized programming language that can also compile to JavaScript. First launched in 2011, Dart was developed to facilitate cross-platform app development at a time when more and more mobile apps were introduced for platforms around the world.

With Dart, developers can create web, desktop, and mobile apps. Developers use it for front-end development, to create the interface and the client-side part of an app. Google uses Dart for some of its important apps, which makes it one of the best-known programming languages to appear in the last decade or so.

Like other programming languages, Dart includes sets of instructions that developers can use to create algorithms that define the functionality of an app or other piece of software.

What is Dart – Advantages

What makes Dart different from older programming languages? Here’s an overview of some of its strongest points.

Easy to Learn

Dart is easy to learn compared to other programming languages. What’s more, developers who are familiar with JavaScript can pick it up without much trouble. This is true not only of the language itself, but also of the tools, libraries, and whole ecosystem associated with it.


Dart enables developers to create mobile apps that can run on both iOS and Android, or that can run on all web browsers. The ability to create cross-platform native apps is one of Dart’s best-known features.

Designed for Productivity

Dart helps developers to infer types. The built-in data type detection makes programming easier for developers, enabling them to save time. Not all programming languages are equally productive, but Dart is good at this.

Integrates Well with IDEs

what-is-dart-ideThe most important integrated development environments (IDE) and text editors all support Dart. This makes it accessible to developers whether they use a full-featured IDE or a simple one. In most cases, it means that developers don’t have to change their preferred IDE to start using Dart.

Strong General-Purpose Programing Language

Dart is a robust choice for most developers building web, mobile, or desktop apps. More than being accessible and fast to work with, it compiles quickly.

What is Dart – Limitations

Like all programming languages, Dart also has its limitations. Despite the attention it’s been receiving in recent years, it’s nowhere near as widely used as other programming languages. In other words, finding support for certain issues may be harder for developers not familiar with it.

Following from that point, many developers still don’t know Dart, which can make it challenging at times to put together a Dart team or find a replacement for an experienced Dart developer.

What is Dart – Uses of Dart

Probably the best-known use of Dart is in the Flutter software development kit provided by Google for developers writing mobile apps. All apps built with Flutter use Dart.

Google also uses Dart in some of its best-known platforms, including Google Ads, which is a major revenue stream for Google.

There is also some adoption of Dart outside of the Google ecosystem and Flutter apps, but the language owes much of its popularity to these two.

What is Dart – The Bottom Line

While not all developers know Dart, this language’s accessibility and usefulness make it worth knowing for most developers. Apps built with Dart are ready for the expectations of users, whether we’re talking about Flutter apps or not.

In the end, Dart looks like it’s here to stay—choosing it for your project can be an inspired choice, especially since it may help you optimize costs and bring the app you want to life faster than other programming languages.

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