What Is Vue js

What Is Vue js?

Vue.js (pronounced like “view”) is a front-end web development framework that’s been around since 2014. It’s one of the best-known frameworks today, with people often referring to it as simply “Vue”. Learn more about Vue.js and its benefits and uses.

What is Vue js – Vue.js Explained

what-is-vue-js-single-page-applicationDevelopers around the world use Vue.js to build single page applications (SPAs), user interfaces (UI), and other client-side components for web apps. Vue.js is an open-source framework written in JavaScript and TypeScript.

A scalable framework, Vue.js allows for the progressive creation of interfaces for both simple and sophisticated apps. It’s being used by startups as well as established businesses.

What is Vue js – Reasons to Use Vue.Js

What do developers like about this front-end framework? Quite a few things. Let’s look at some of the key benefits Vue.js has to offer to developers right now.

Easy to Learn and Use

Vue.js comes with an accessible template syntax and components that can make a developer’s life easier. Any developer who knows HTML, JavaScript, and CSS can start using Vue.js right away. The framework frees developers from the need to know a framework-specific language, as is the case with other web frameworks.


Vue.js has a small file size and can store in one file all the codes developers usually work with—think JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The framework was designed to keep the code lightweight, enabling developers to get more work done with less code. It also works with common code editors.

Easy Integrations

Your team can use Vue.js together with other frameworks and web technologies to build sophisticated web solutions. Not all web frameworks allow for easy integration, but Vue.js does. This makes it a good choice for developing existing projects as well as for creating projects that can be further developed and expanded later on.

Highly Customizable

Vue.js allows developers to separate and name functions as needed effectively so they can focus on the work at hand rather than on the distractions. In this regard, it’s a flexible and versatile web framework that encourages creative development.

Good Support and Documentation

While it’s still a relatively new framework, Vue.js’s popularity and the fact that it’s open-source allows developers to get support and find answers to their questions as needed.

What is Vue js – Limitations to Vue.js

We’ve looked at the benefits, now we should note some of the potential limitations you may be facing using this platform. Perhaps the main limitation of Vue.js is that it’s still a relatively new platform and not yet as well established as others, which can lead to support or stability issues when used on a large scale.

What is Vue js – Who Uses Vue.js

what-is-vue-js-front-end-developerVue.js has been put to good use by many well-known brands, though often on a small scale. Netflix, Facebook, and Alibaba are three big names that have used Vue.js for some of their components or internal projects. For big brands like these, Vue.js is only one of the components in their technology stack.

At least two other notable brands are using Vue.js. The Grammar proofing tool, Grammarly have reportedly used Vue.js to build their intuitive user interface. Also making use of the platform is the portfolio showcasing platform Behance.

What is Vue js – The Bottom Line

When it comes to developing beautiful and accessible user-interfaces, Vue.js is today at the top alongside other modern web platforms like Angular or React, at least judging by how many people use and recommend it.

Lightweight and highly customizable, Vue.js is easy to use and makes integrating different frameworks and technologies easier than other platforms. While Vue.js is still growing and may have not yet reached its full potential, it offers quite a lot already. For small projects especially, Vue.js is a really good platform.

Additional Vue.js Resources

  • Official Vue.js Website – The Progressive JavaScript Framework
  • Vue.js Cookbook – The Cookbook gives developers examples to work off of that both cover common or interesting use cases, and also progressively explain more complex detail.
  • Getting Started with Vue.js – The easiest way to try out Vue.js is using the Hello World example
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