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How to Hire an App Developer

How to Hire an App Developer?

Hiring an app developer is a slightly different process than hiring an app development company in that you may have to do a bit more planning and management. On the plus side, you can save money and be more involved in the actual work, which can be interesting especially if you have some prior experience or coding knowledge. Read on for tips on how to hire an app developer.

7 Steps to Hire an App Developer

hire-an-app-developerStep 1 – Know What App You Want to Build

Apps come in many shapes and sizes, and the differences between a simple app and a database app with lots of integrations are big.

Knowing your target audience and the key features your app needs to pack will make the search for the right app developer a more straightforward process. It will also help you better communicate requirements and expectations.

If you are still brainstorming ideas for your app, focus on the purpose of the app and the need it tries to solve. At the end of this step, you should also know how much you’re willing to spend on app development and conversely to hire an app developer.

Step 2 – Look for App Developers in the Right Place

You can find talented and successful app developers on freelancing platforms like UpWork, Toptal, and Hired as well as on LinkedIn and directly through Google.

If you know someone who recently developed a mobile app, ask for referrals. Having a shortlist of potential candidates with notes added to each one will make it easier to compare all your options.

Step 3 – Look Beyond Their Portfolio

Portfolios can be convincing, but they don’t always tell the whole story. You want to browse their portfolio but not limit yourself to it or to testimonials you’ll find on their website.

Look for reviews and ratings on independent review websites and check ratings for apps they built in the App Store and on Google Play. This step will require some research, but it’s time well spent.

Step 4 – Ask About Approach and Technology Stack

hire-an-app-developer-tech-stackContact developers who pass the ratings and reviews check and discuss with them the project without giving away any sensitive information—you can sign a non-disclosure agreement before you get to work.

You want to ask about their approach to development, for example, whether they use the Agile methodology. You also want to ask about the technology they are using and whether they can do native or cross-platform development or both.

Step 5 – Evaluate Communication

An app developer you can communicate with comfortably and who is easy to reach can understand your requirements and vision better. In some cases, this can lead to better results compared to working with a more experienced developer who has a more hardline approach to development.

You want to work with a developer who can provide constant updates through a channel you feel comfortable with and who is easy to reach.

Step 6 – Test Before You Commit

Sometimes, you can’t decide whether an app developer is a good match for you until after you’ve started working with them. Fortunately, the app development process gives you the option to test out their skills and the dynamic between the two of you.

You can use the early stages of the development process for this. For example, you can evaluate the experience after they send you a mockup of the app, before the actual front-end and back-end development begins.

Step 7 – Work in Milestones

Setting up milestones makes the development process easier to track and enables you to review the work during key stages and provide feedback. It will also safeguard your investment, ensuring that you’re paying for actual work done and not just promises. In most cases, this approach is better than not checking the work until the very end.

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